Arquitectura Torres y asociados


The transformation of this garage is based upon several decisions: 1) Order. Time wasted looking for tools has no profitability. For this reason, a double- skin that covers the walls and the ceiling is designed; enabling the workers to keep the tools organized inside and achieving much more free space (the typical tool trolleys are avoided). Consequently, 4 cars can be repaired at the same time as opposed to 2, as previously. 2) Regarding the lighting: the existing lamps were reused, placing them in every direction (floor, walls and ceiling); getting a typical lighting of a soccer field in order to avoid shadows that hamper the view and increase repair time. 3) Concerning acoustics, the double- skin made from punched steel sheets and an acoustic blanket remove reverberations, climatize and provide acoustic isolation. An ideal atmosphere is accomplished, getting rid of disturbing noises. 4) Regarding aesthetics, with the afore mentioned double-skin, we are able to hide electrical installations and produce a neat space which is clean, easy to maintain, tidy, well- illuminated and free from noises; similar to an operating room for cars .Finally, an economic challenge was faced: the cost of the materials used for this work did not surpass EUR 10.000.


  • Year of project: 2008