When the client contacts us, we visit the plot with him. In this first meeting, the client presents his/her preferences and concerns and we start studying the possibilities in combination with his/her needs. We address topics such as orientation, spaces, materials, costs, ventilations, etc. If the client has not purchased the plot yet, we will advise him/her in order to make the acquisition of it a success regarding the orientation, needed dimension, location, cost, etc.

When the client has conveyed his/her needs of space and program to us, we will give him/her an offer of our closed professional fees. Then, we will sign a contract where all the works of each phase are specified, from the beginning until the end of the construction works and always agreeing with our client.  It should be noted that the client will always make his/her own decisions but will receive advice  from us regarding materials, costs, design, technology, procedures, time, etc.

In order to start the design works in the best way, we will ask the client for a geotechnical and topographic report of the plot, and we will start to make several schematic designs. When the client selects the final schematic design, we will start to elaborate three-dimensional images. With them, the client will understand our proposal completely and, with our help, he can decide about the appropriate modifications. 

During all the process, if the client requires it, we will organize meetings with the different installation technicians. They will show him/her, firsthand, what kind of air conditioning, home automation, lighting, etc. might be installed, as well as the associate costs of each installation, control level or difficulty at management. (It is very important to elaborate a good project, but it is also crucial the future maintenance costs and the amortization times of the installations according to its energy efficiency and cost).

Once the client has accepted the dimensions and distribution of all the spaces, the three-dimensional images, the installations and the aesthetic of the project, we will give him/her an approximate cost of the construction works for information purposes and, if the client agrees, these three documents will be signed. When they are signed, we will proceed to elaborate the basic project and the execution project and we will send it to be approved by the professional association of architects (“Colegio professional de Arquitectos”) of the Autonomous Community where the plot is located. Then, once it has been approved, the project will be sent to the Town Hall to start the paperwork to get the corresponding construction permit. Meanwhile this process takes place, the client will ask several construction companies for a closed quotation of the construction works. We will send a link of the whole project to the client, in order to make the process easier for him/her. At this point, it is very important to have a very good project, without mistakes, complete, with accurate measures, construction details, lighting plans, installation plans, final reports, etc. The project is the means for hiring the construction company, given that, with it, the client and the construction company will agree on a price and a  period of execution. If the project is not good enough, all the aspects have not been analyzed or it does not reach the details, the client may have problems later regarding unexpected costs and waste of execution time.

When the project has obtained the construction permit, the building works may begin. The client, if he/she asks for it, will get our advice on selecting the construction company or in the contract to be agreed between them.

The most satisfying thing for us is to know that the client perceives the creation process of the project as clear and simple. Also, that he or she is informed and advised at any moment to enable him/her to choose the different aspects and not to make modification once the construction works have begun (the modifications made when the construction works have begun, will increase costs). In this way, we will get the best result with the minimum possible cost and the client will have a complete document that defines all the needs and make the construction works easy. We will accompany our client from the first moment until the end, with the aim of achieving the success of our job, which will lead to the client referring us to his/her contacts….this is the secret of our success; the word of mouth.




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