Arquitectura Torres y asociados


Our proposal changes and transforms the current idea and configuration of the constructions made for the transport of people, and gives solutions to many of the most common problems of this kind of buildings, such as noise, dirtiness, light, safety, etc. In order to achieve our objective we have decided to take away from the centre of the building the bus accesses and stops, letting the central area and most of the perimeter free in order to avoid pedestrians to meet the buses. This idea generates a big central square, safe and protected. We conceive the idea of a Bus Station as the main entrance of the town, so the main square comprises a big cover that will contain in the intrados images of the most outstanding places of the local environment, in order to catch the attention of the travellers and to generate further visits to the town. The configuration and features of the central oculus of the cover allows the light to let into the building, and to refresh and provide shade in the summer and to heat the building in winter. Our project suggests dividing the square in three different programs that generate a multifunctional space, with rest area, waiting areas, cafeteria, expositions, leisure areas, etc.


  • Year of project: 2016
  • Builded surface: cubierta13000 m2
  • Budget: 1.500.000 €
  • Location: San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia)