Arquitectura Torres y asociados


The School of Arts and Crafts is an Educational building. It is used mainly to train and relocate unemployed persons, but it could also have many different uses. The School is composed of different multi-directional elements, also called tentacles. These elements comprise varied teaching programs and specific projects attending to its inner activity. These activities are, among others, programs of training in languages, aesthetics, arts, crafts, technology or cookery. The tentacles of the building can be added or subtracted freely, as if it was a sea star. These tentacles may have independent performance and access, but all of them are communicated by means of a double-height hall which is illuminated through entries of zenithal light. This hall comprises a restaurant, stairs, panoramic lifts, teachers' offices and other common services.


  • Year of project: 2009
  • Budget: 6.745.400,00 €