Arquitectura Torres y asociados


Project awarded as the best “Plan E” project in the Region of Murcia.
The configuration of this building is based on megalithic constructions. In ancient times, a set of dolmens were grouped surrounding an empty central space, in order to dignify an important historical event, turning this space into a meeting place for social relations. These have been the main guidelines we have followed to configure our building, which comprises, among others, nine dolmens surrounding a big central square. These dolmens provide services such as library, cybercafé, mini-auditorium, multi-purpose classrooms, working offices, sport rooms, etc. Externally, the facades are composed of two colours and a graphic that represents a space-time line (GEODNA) that provides users with information about the origins and evolution of the human race (starting from the Big Bang Theory, passing through the hominid evolution, the discovery of fire, the development of writing, up to the Internet Era). The motive is none other than to generate a social strategy to develop equality, education and understanding among people of different cultures.


  • Year of project: 2009
  • Budget: 2.833.649,39 €