Arquitectura Torres y asociados


The chrysalis, or pupa, is the characteristic form that adopts the caterpillar when it is turning into a butterfly. This project represents the pupa in its process of transformation. The general form of the proposal is adapted basically to the museum programs, including teaching and research programs, which include classrooms, insect museum, main exhibition dedicated to butterflies and pupae vivarium, which contains about 5000 m3 of air, a greenhouse dedicated to research and plantation, breeding area with display cases for the emerging pupae, administration and reception area, common services and managing and research area. When the sun goes down, some tubular elements appear as if they were silk threads that envelop the proposal into lights.


  • Year of project: 2008
  • Builded surface: 2.259 m2
  • Budget: 6.611.675,20 €