Arquitectura Torres y asociados


This Algerian villa is located 150 km away from Oran. It emerges as a big 5,500 m2 villa, which is distributed among three floors. The distribution of the space is a mix between the program proposed by the client and some aspects as functionality, orientation, predominant wind and solar trajectory. On the other hand, regarding the aesthetic, it is the result of the aforementioned aspects and the symbiosis between Islamic shapes from local culture and European architecture with up-to-date designs. This European architecture is composed by large and curved concrete elements in white color and large layouts made of precious metals, where numerous semicircular and silkscreened arcs are distributed, as if they were Arab lattices to locate the openings to achieve interior lighting. All this together makes a very special architecture of original and surprising lines; the result of the culture of two worlds: Europe and Northern Africa.


  • Year of project: 2011
  • Builded surface: 5500 m2
  • Budget: 9.875.000 €
  • Location: Tremecém
  • Country: Algeria