Arquitectura Torres y asociados


Clubs, pubs, cinemas, restaurants, logistic tower, concerts and performances stage, gardens, underground parking and other leisure spaces are the different parts that made up this proposal. To make all these parts work properly, our study proposes a maintenance system; an internal transport and safety program, as if the centre was a human body. Therefore, through the most hidden part of the pieces of the centre there is a system of loading doors that maintain out of the customer's sight the dirty area of loading and maintenance, and keep the visible parts clean and tidy. This idea let us offer a clean and safe proposal. Structurally, the external areas are close in order to avoid noise and light pollution, but otherwise the internal areas are more open, facing the central concert square. The configuration of these areas allows us to find a person dancing in a concert and having a soft drink, while other person is listening to the concert from a perimeter area, while a third person is inside a pub, listening to a different music and looking to the concert that takes place in the central square.


  • Year of project: 2010