Arquitectura Torres y asociados


The head offices of Suite Spa are part of a set of offices of the international network of EasyRent Office that is an intellectual property of our office of architects. Every single working space can be rented or is property of dozens of different companies at the same time. With a surface from 125 to 250 m2, these working spaces can fulfil the needs and requirements of 20 different companies, always having the control of the operation and simultaneity. This is due to the design and to the special installations located on the ceiling, floor and walls, which allow to have a basic and continuous working lightning. But if a button of company customization is pushed, the office changes its colours and the logo of the company which is going to use the office in the next hours appear. This idea allows to have 20 offices EasyRent offices at the same time distributed in a limited area for the price of a conventional one.


  • Year of project: 2008