Arquitectura Torres y asociados


Our building tries to generate an answer based on multiple connections between its spaces and the centre of Orihuela, taking into consideration the determining factors of this locality and its context. This complex is a real connector, permeable, accessible and a generator of public space. Unlike other cases, our building distances itself from the concept of opaque box with closed and inconsiderate spaces, volumetric disproportions which disconnect the surroundings visually and pedestrianly. With this in mind, and connected to the city at all levels, the new bullring, the shopping center of leisure and free time, the hotel and the restaurants have been designed. At the ground level and at a higher level, the current and new pedestrian bridges which connect both sides of the Segura River, are extended and pass through the shopping centre acting as accesses. All these accesses meet in the roof, 12 meters above the ground level, shaping a big public Mediterranean plaza which has 5.400 m2. There, public activities as concerts, performances, festivals, bull-fighting celebrations, sport events, etc. will take place.


  • Year of project: 2012
  • Location: Orihuela